‘If Buhari can receive visitors, why can’t he address Nigerians’ Niger Delta Group Blasts Presidency

The Coalition of Urhobo Nation Youth Leaders and Stakeholders (CUNYLS) has demanded that the presidency release a video recording of President Muhammadu Buhari who is currently in the United Kingdom on medical vacation.

The group made the suggestion on Friday, February 17 in a statement signed by Its convener, Comrade Rex Emojite Ekiugbo Anighoro and its acting Coordinator, Comrade Blessed Ughere.

According to Daily Post, the group also demanded a public presentation of the president’s health status. The group further suggested that former President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Vice President Alex Ekwueme should lead a delegation of statesmen to visit the president.

Part of the statement read: “We demand that a delegation of statesmen led by a former president pays a courtesy visit to Mr President in London, or wherever he is, and this visit be visually recorded and relayed to all Nigerians.

“We demand that the president’s state of health be immediately publicly declared for the benefits of all Nigerians.

“We recommend former President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Vice President Alex Ekwueme to lead such delegation.

“We must state here that efforts by the presidency to stifle these rumours have rather given more impetus to the rumours.

“Perhaps it has not come to the realisations of the relevant authorities, but we must state here, that this current state of cul de sac and grave yard silence is an open invitation to power tussle, political imbroglio capable of destabilising the current government from actualisation of their campaign promises to our people.

“The desperation of members of the Presidency begs the question, if the President of Nigeria is healthy enough to receive guests stemmed from his political party’s leadership, why couldn’t he grant a live audience to multitude of Nigerians who thronged to demand that he addresses them.”

President Buhari has been in London since January 19. The presidency had first announced that he was there for a 10-day leave. But he has since extended the leave on medical grounds.

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