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Medical Tests Compulsory for Every Woman

Every woman must do regular gynaecological analyses to detect certain diseases, especially serious diseases such as cervical cancer or breast cancer, which can be treated successfully if they are in the early stages.

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What is the age of the first medical tests?

Once you have started your sex life, you have to do a pelvic exam. The age between 18-25 years is considered to be the age of the first gynaecological examination. The essential risk is related to early sexual relations, change of partners, and the existence of sexually transmitted diseases.
In case you do not have symptoms like: bleeding after sexual intercourse, bleedings between your period, or vaginal discharge with a bad smell, you can address twice per year to your gynaecologist to do some bacteriological medical tests and to detect some asymptomatic infections. If you have the symptoms listed above, then you definitely must consult a medical specialist.

How often do you need to do a pelvic exam?
Starting with the age of 25 till 35 years old you should periodically go to your gynaecologist, because it’s the age when you have an active sex life and most women become mothers. At this age, there also occur various cervical damages, which may be easily cured if detected in time – you only need to make smear tests. If the disorder is more serious, it is recommended to perform a colposcopy. Although statistically speaking the reality is different, a lot of women do not go to their gynaecologists, and the incidence of cervical cancer increases.

Is breast ultrasound mandatory?
This medical examination is indispensable from the age of 35 to 50 years. It is the age at which the danger of occurrence of breast cancer is high. But when the cancer lesions cannot be felt, but can be seen during breast ultrasound, the chances of healing constitute 90%.
Certainly, ultrasound does not replace mammography. Women who do not experience any symptoms should make their first mammogram at the age of 45. Depending on the result of these medical tests, previous history, the incidence of breast cancer in the family (grandmother, mother, or sister), the doctor will recommend the frequency of mammography. After your menstrual period, you should do your breast self-exam – it is the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

What is menopause?
Around the age of 50, all women face menopause – a change in hormonal, physical, and even mental behaviour. That’s why you can get over this period more easily by using a hormone replacement treatment. In addition to the pelvic exam, it is a good idea to make regular checkups to observe any changes at the level of the bone and blood vessels due to hormonal disorders.(Source: Unica Sport)

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