Nigerian Twitter User Claims That President Buhari Is In A Coma

A post by a twitter user has gone viral as he claims that President Buhari who is in UK for medical check up is actually in a coma in a private ward after an unsuccessful surgery was conducted on him. He further relayed that the President is not in his residence at the Nigeria high commission, that he is incapacitated and didn’t write any letter. All these information was given to him by his cousin who also worked in the same hospital the President was being treated.
There have been no confirmation to this new information by the Federal Government but this has indeed brought a new light in the situation of things. Hopefully it is a rumour and the President is indeed hail and hearty, although the possibility of this information should not be disregarded.
Meanwhile, the Twitter user that shared this message is no where to be found. His account has been deactivated which has even caused more frenzy on social media. Nigerians are all waiting for the Federal Government to dispute this new information or better still, shed more light on it.

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