President Buhari Calls Nigeria Again

Photo Crdt: Nairaland
Photo Crdt: Nairaland

President Buhari, who is on an extended vacation in the UK spoke with Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Wednesday, February 22 on phone where he thanked Nigerians for all the prayers.

Vanguard reports that the president spoke for about three minutes in vernacular with Governor Ganduje, while a prayer session was going on at the Government House in Kano.

When Ganduje inquired how he was doing, Buhari said “Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah)”.

The prayer session was broadcast live by local radio stations in Kano and Governor Ganduje told the President that Islamic scholars and Imams in Kano were praying for his speedy recovery.

Buhari replied: “Maa shaa Allah”, meaning, “God willed it”.

He expressed the hope that Allah will accept the prayers and appreciated the efforts of the Islamic scholars who were praying on his behalf.

After the telephone conversation, Ganduje said the people should be very grateful to God for giving the President the opportunity to speak with the people of Kano at the time they were holding a special prayer for him.

“By hearing his voice and the way he had spoken, was an incontrovertible evidence to clear any doubt about his health condition,” Ganduje said.

He said: “We prayed for Buhari to win and he won. It is now mandatory on us to rally round his government and pray for his wellbeing.”

A day ago, President Buhari revealed that he needs a longer time to rest, thus putting paid to speculations and claims by top government officials that he is actually fit and healthy.

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