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Tipsy Vera Sidika speaks out on “sponsor relationships” after leaving the club.

After a few bottles, Vera Sidika couldn’t help but give free advice to fellow female hustlers.

Vera Sidika, the glamorous Kenyan video vixen, socialite famous for her sponsor relationships went on a rant earlier today on social media and advised fellow young ladies involved in sponsor relationships. She had just left the XS Millionaires club in Nairobi where she’s a regular host.

I can’t sleep when I come late from the club. Where is the sleep? So let’s do some pillow talk.

I think there are 2 types of people. There is street smart and there is book smart. Some are streetsmart and booksmart.
The spirit of the hustler is ridiculously amazing. There is no way a girl will f**king go on social media and post her sponsors. How do you go post your source of income? It is f**king ridiculous. Don’t post your sponsors on instagram or social media. Why should you do such a thing? I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but this is free advice, dont do it unless you want the next b*tch to cash your cheque. Roger that.

Never met a smart lady who will post her sponsors’ pictures. It’s the dumbest thing you can ever do. I will never post my sponsors on Instagram or anywhere; in all the sponsor relationships I’ve had. I have never done it and will never do. If its your boyfriend and you are in a serious relationship, then its OK.

There is a difference between boyfriend and sponsor. You can post your boyfriend, I mean you’re in love and relationships and all – but you can’t post your sponsors, you are going to lose your cheque!

I have dated younger guys, footballers, basketballers, executives, billionaires and normal people. I never post their pictures and none of my friends knew I was in those relationships. Interesting right? Not even the bloggers and their blogs, they didnt know, that’s the way I decided to keep it. Not asking you to enter sponsor relationships, but if you are in such a relationship, keep it on the low

If you want to do the social media, instagram, facebook thing; do it with your boyfriend. Then that’s ok.

On haters, Vera “QueenVB” Sidika goes,

Let’s be real girls, we’ve all been in some sponsor relationship or the other or intend to be in one

This rubbish of women calling other women hoes gotta stop. She’s not a hoe simply because her relationship treats her better than your man does. This is 2017, let’s empower each other.

Just because he pays your rent and gives you some upkeep doesn’t make you any less of a hoe, you choose barter trade. Let’s stop calling each other names simply because the levels ain’t the same.

Vera Sidika was in the news in June last year for posting the picture of a sponsor which turned out to be fake.

Now this is some deep advice for people in some deep games. Those who need it know themselves.

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