Alimi Akorede, is a young Nigerian food entrepreneur who has contributed greatly by providing for many Nigerians. He is 29 years old from Osun state. He is the CEO of Iskool Grills and Ichefmart who is not like your everyday entrepreneur, he is a foodist who is involved in everything food, from food farming, to food processing, food services, food packaging and food solutions.
Over the years, Alimi has evolved the food business by pushing it to the success it is today. He has also worked with different prominent people and can be regarded as a celebrity Chef. This foodist aim is to feed millions of Nigerians with good and quality food. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and achieving his goals, Alimi Akorede aims to contribute to Nigeria’s economy by helping to employ about a million Nigerians.
He is success driven and continues to push hard to become one of the best in Nigeria and beyond. This young entrepreneur and like many young entrepreneurs continue to strive to achieve a lot and influence the society by constantly encouraging others to be the best in their fields because, ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing well’.

Check out this video of Alimi Akorede, a great celebrity Chef, doing what he knows best. Video is below:

#sellingpointchallenge #lovedoctor #joromofin… Better late than never ….. I am a food entrepreneur

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