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5 Tips for a Younger Looking Skin

Restore the skin damage, refresh your look, and lock moisture in with these secrets for getting a younger looking skin.

1. Know when to apply moisturizer
Hot and long showers leave your skin out of its moisture and wash away its protective oils. Opt for a maximum 10-minute shower, and keep the water as cool as you can stand. Apply a lotion or cream within 3 minutes after exiting the shower to lock in moisture.

2. Carrots and tomatoes
Carrots and tomatoes provide betacarotene, which is the basic substance of vitamin A. After being digested by your body, foods that contain betacarotene are then converted to vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A contributes to skin cell growth and collagen formation.
Betacarotene is also a great anti-aging food, as it blocks antioxidants. Antioxidants are our body’s protection against free radicals.

3. Citrus fruits
Lemons and limes are rich sources of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, contributing to your younger looking skin. Just like vitamin A, vitamin C found in citrus fruit is efficient for the production of collagen in the skin.

4. Give up smoking
There is evidence to show that smokers are more prone to more lines and wrinkles than non-smokers. Here is the explanation in this regard – carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes is known to stop the peripheral circulation – the small blood capillaries that nourish the skin.
Smoking also diminishes the body’s absorption of vitamin C – a crucial component for the growth of new collagen.

5. Keep out of the sun
A healthy looking tan actually indicates slightly damaged skin. When exposed to the sun, your body is producing melanin, skin pigmentation, in an effort to defend itself against ultra violet light. Exposure to sun (ultra violet light) weakens the structure of collagen. This accelerates wrinkles and aging. So always use sunscreen protection lotions to get a younger looking skin.(Source: UnicaSports)

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