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Top 5 FAKE Things You See On Some Nigerian Girl’s Body!

There is something about Naija chics that will always WOW you. Forget that personality thing. They are always ready to give you this first amazing impression, whether it comes with natural package or otherwise. You can’t catch them on the spot. But with some Nigerian girls, not every thing you see is REAL. Just before you get carried away with all that slaying, we have come up with these list of fake things you can find on a Naija girl.

Here is a list of fake things you can catch a Naija girl on,

1. FAKE BUTTS: Am not saying there aren’t real and natural big butts, but not all that glitters is gold, that is, not all of them are real.  It’s quite funny how some of our Nigerians are quite taken with the invention of easy to wear butts pants. Butts are beginning to experience magic in all forms.


2. BOUNCING BOOBS: Just when surgery thought it was the only solution to achieving bigger fake boobs! Silicon bra came to life and fake boobs never looked better. This invention, is like a miracle to some with small boobs.


3. BLEACHED SKIN: This should be every guy’s number one fear, but it’s the trend today. Some ladies have the misplaced idea that beauty comes in only one complexion and that’s being very light skinned. You are quite safe if is she is dark skinned, just always ask girls for their baby/growing up photos.


4. FAKE LASHES: Fake lashes are also quite the trend with Nigerian girls. It gives your look a nice pop after adorning yourself in those makeups. But some girls take the fake lashes trend to a whole new level, which makes them to look really odd. Unfortunately, fake lashes is not for some girls. Moving on!


5. FAKE HAIR: You think you have seen enough of this! LOL It just got better with braid wigs. With everything now “wigable” guys watch out and don’t mess with Naija girls, they can switch into several looks in no time just to torment you.

Regardless of these faux beauty, we are concerned about our looks and what people think of us,  especially our men. We will do anything to please you men.  This just shows how creative women can be to look their best and to impress.

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