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6 Major Signs of Mental Depression

Mental depression is a real health issue that will affect many in their lifetime.
Many people may fail to spot the signs of mental depression.
It is well-known that suicidal thoughts, feelings of ”unimportance” and constant fatigue are signs of depression, but many of us might not be aware of the fact that insomnia, groundless anger, and continuing aches and pains can be clues as well.
There is no simple test for depression — diagnoses are made based on a series of symptoms. Doctors usually look for a number of signs; if somebody experiences half a dozen or so of a list of key symptoms for more than two weeks, then we are talking about mental depression.
Here are 6 signs that you might be suffering from mental depression.

Weight changes
Depression can result in a total lack of interest in food; so you may begin to lose weight without even noticing it. But the contrary can occur, too: to fill the emotional emptiness, some of us turn to food and will gain weight, as a result.

Sleep problems
You may suddenly find that you’re tired and sleeping all day, or that you can’t get any sleep at all. A particularly common form of sleep deprivation is to find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, every night.

Anger and irritability
If you are persistently depressed, you can become extremely frustrated, and this can be manifested as anger. Finding that small things that would normally not bother you suddenly have the power to completely ruin your day could also be a sign of mental depression.

Aches and pains
A lot of people don’t realize that depression comes with physical symptoms. Feeling sick to your stomach, knots in the gut, a weak immune system, physical pains, and continuous colds and flu, can all be associated with a depressive episode.

Many people who suffer from mental depression struggle with alcohol. Drug use—illicit and prescription—are also common ways that many of us try to escape our emotions. Liver damage and poor health only worsen depressive episodes.

Concentration issues
Finding yourself unable to focus, struggling to formulate your thoughts coherently—these are also factors that come with depression. If you constantly have the feeling that you have no mental energy, and feel like your mind is “frozen”, it may be time to seek help.
As stated by experts, the most important thing to remember is that, when speaking about mental depression, there are efficient treatments, from medication to talking therapies.(Source: UnicaSports)

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