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Fish-oil Makes Children Smarter

Every parent wants their child to achieve their dreams.

And now scientists believe they may have found the magic potion to give them a step up in life.
Children who consumed fish oil pills significantly improved their ability to read in just three months, a new trial shows.
Packed full of omega 3 fatty acids, the Swedish study is the first to confirm that these nutrients can benefit all youngsters.
University of Gothenberg researchers conducted a trial of Equazen on 154 children who were split into two groups.
Having previously been shown to be as effective as Ritalin in children with behavioural problems, the capsules a range of fatty acids.
Half received three of the pills, which cost just 13p each, of the powerful fish oil tablet, while the rest were given a placebo.
A series of computerised reading tests were then conducted to measure the ability of the youngsters.
Those given Equazen showed a 64 per cent improvement in their overall comprehension. While they were five times quicker at decoding jumbled up words, the study showed.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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