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Top 10 Homemade Fruit Face Packs for Gorgeous and Glowing Skin

Everyone knows that fruit is good to eat and that it is full of healthy vitamins and minerals, but did you know what a wonderful skin care ingredient fruit makes too? If you want beautiful, clear, glowing skin, the best thing you can do is take a look at some of these wonderful face packs for glowing skin, recipes that you can make at home. They all contain nothing but pure and natural ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your skin and leave your face feeling softer and smoother than you have ever known it to be. Here are our top ten homemade fruit face packs for gorgeous, glowing skin.

1. Mango and yoghurt
This homemade fruit face pack will brighten up dull skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new skin cells to grow. Simply mix a tablespoon of plain yoghurt with 2 tablespoons of mashed mango pulp. The lactic acid in the yoghurt will exfoliate your skin and the Vitamin C in the mango will nourish the skin.

2. Avocado and honey
Another one of great face packs for glowing skin is a mixture of avocado and honey. This one is a wonderfully rehydrating face mask that is ideal for treating very dry skin. Mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil with the mashed pulp of half an avocado and two tablespoons of honey. Apply it to your face and leave it to sit for at least fifteen minutes. You will be amazed at just how effectively this fruit face pack hydrates dry skin and helps chapped skin to heal.

3. Grapes
Grapes are great for treating acne and pimples and they won’t dry out or irritate your skin in the same way as commercial acne treatments will. All you need to do is mash up a handful of fresh grapes into a pulp and apply it to your face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before you wash it off. It will both reduce inflammation and fight the bacteria that cause acne.

4. Avocado and kiwi
One of fabulous face packs for glowing skin is a combination of avocado and kiwi. This is a fruit face mask that will help to hold back the signs of ageing with all the wonderful antioxidants that it contains. Your skin will also benefit from a good dose of vitamins C and E that will help the skin rejuvenate. Blend together the flesh of one kiwi and one avocado and then stir in a tablespoon of honey. Apply the face mask to your face, leave it to sit for about fifteen minutes, and then wash off with lukewarm water.

5. Banana and strawberry
Banana strawberry combination is not only very good and delicious in smoothies, but it’s also one of wonderful face packs for glowing skin. Banana is an amazing fruit that is packed with vitamins and minerals that will nourish the skin and it also contains natural oils that for moisturising the skin. In this recipe, we’ve included a few strawberries for their exfoliating power and a touch of honey to fight bacteria. Mash a ripe banana along with a few strawberries and a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it to sit for about twenty minutes.

6. Tomatoes
If you have oily skin, then tomatoes will help clear up excess sebum on the skin, close up the pores, and treat acne and pimples. Mash up one ripe tomato and rub it gently over your face. It will also exfoliate your skin and lighten any scars on your skin as well.

7. Peach and egg white
This fruity face mask is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plenty of protein and it will moisturise your skin and help fade any scars or blemishes you may have. Pop a peeled, sliced, peach into a blender along with the white of one egg and a tablespoon of honey and blend until you get a smooth mixture. Apply that to your face and leave it on for twenty minutes before you wash it off again with warm water.

8. Strawberry and cherry
One of fabulous face packs for glowing skin is strawberry and cherry. The mixture of strawberries, cherries and honey in this amazing face mask is ideal for an anti-ageing treatment. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it contains will help to fight the onset of lines and wrinkles and make the skin look fresh and youthful. Simply crush four ripe strawberries and five cherries and along with a tablespoon of honey. Apply it to the face and leave it to sit for half an hour.

9. Watermelon
Watermelon has the surprising ability to cleanse the face and leave it feeling velvety smooth. All you need to do is to mash a few pieces of watermelon, apply it your face, and leave it on for twenty minutes. When you wash the watermelon off with water, you will be amazed at the difference that it has made.

10. Tomato and peach
You can also mix any of the fruits we have mentioned here to create your own ‘fruit salad’ face mask. Tomatoes and peach, for example, go very well together and that will create a face mask that will brighten the skin and cleanse it. Just mix the pulp of one ripe tomato with the pulp of a peach and add a tablespoon of honey. Apply it to your face and leave it on for twenty minutes.
What are your favourite face packs for glowing skin?

Stay beautiful!

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