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4 Benefits of Shea Butter Every Nigerian Should Know

Shea Butter has many useful qualities and health benefits, in this post we list 4 benefits of Shea Butter every Nigerian should know.

1. Natural Healing Qualities

Probably one of the best things shea butter is known for is its incredible healing properties. This performance is due to the fact that the substance has a very high level of fatty acids and plant sterols which include, among others, the following: the oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids. They are all soluble in oil and, most importantly, they do not turn into soap when combined with alkali. Since it’s just as non-saponifiable as all the other oils and fats coming from nuts, shea butter can work wonders on the skin and, thusly, heal it.

You can use unrefined and raw shea butter to cure rashes at skin level, sunburn, to hydrate your peeling skin after a tanning session, cure scars, stretch marks, burns, athlete’s foot, frostbite, stings and insect bites, muscle fatigue, and even arthritis.

2. Benefits of Shea Butter as an Antioxidant

Believe it or not, shea butter has antioxidant properties as well. It’s very rich in the type of antioxidants that come from plants, such as vitamins A and E. It also packs a healthy dose of catechins. The vitamins’ role is to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, free radicals, as well as from all the damages it suffers from the environment. Pollution, dirty rain water and cold take a toll on our skin without us even knowing it. However, there is no need to fear, as shea butter is here to save us and our precious skin. It’s also chock full of cinnamic acid esters that are especially helpful for the skin that has been exposed to direct and intense sunlight for too long. Therefore, when you’re out shopping for you next body butter or sunscreen, make sure it has some shea butter in it, as it will only do you good.

3. The Benefits of Shea Butter for Babies

It’s a good idea to use shea butter when treating your infant of mild discomforts, as, unlike shelf-products, it is devoid of chemicals and colorants. Since it’s so gentle and moisturizing, it becomes a wonderful way for you to treat your toddler’s skin afflictions. You can use it when he or she has diaper rash or mild eczema, without fear of any side effects. You can also rub it all over the toddler’s skin after bath time when all the pores are open.

4. The Benefits of Shea Butter for Your Hair

  • It soothes you if your scalp is dry and irritated – if you happen to have dandruff or a dry and flaky scalp that itches all the time, shea butter will be effective as a natural treatment. It will get absorbed into the skin moisturizing it and, thusly, ridding you of the flakes, without leaving your hair oily in the process. It’s also amazing if you have dermatitis, eczemas or psoriasis at the scalp level.
  • The benefits of shea butter go deeper than that which means that it can also fix your split ends, as well as any breakage from which you might be suffering.
  • Use it as a natural conditioner, without any fears that your hair will be greasy. It will lock in moisture, but it won’t leave your hair feeling heavy.
  • Seeing as it has emollient qualities, it can also be used as a treatment for curly hair, to keep those rebel curls in place and looking luscious.

Source: Information Nigeria

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