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Health issues that can affect classroom behaviour of children

When unwell, children are hard to manage, especially in a school environment. A child who is not feeling well would tend to be emotional and irritable, and would be hard to control, thereby becoming a disturbance for both the teacher and the other students in the class. As such, here are some of the diff erent health related disturbances that can aff ect a child’s classroom behaviour. Inadequate sleep Studies have revealed that children who do not get the necessary rest of 10-12 hours of sleep every night would affect their behavior in the home as well as the classroom. Proper sleep is required for both health and activeness, lack of which could cause hyperactivity or irritability.

As such, parents must make sure their kids get proper rest every day, and talk to the class teacher of any sleep issues in order to make it easier for him/her to handle the kid. Lack of energy Children should get a daily dose of physical activity in order to remain fit and active.

This would also protect them from health related behavioral problems at home and school. Physically active children tend to perform better in school, and generally have stronger immune systems than children who are not physically active. Nutritional deficiencies Proper nutrition is required for a kid to remain healthy and active at school. Studies have revealed that kids with nutritional deficiencies tend to fall behind other children in their studies, and tend to find it difficult to get along with other children in the class.

Nutritional deficiencies would also lead to other health issues like shortened attention span, concentration issues, fatigue and irritability, all of which can affect a child’s behavior in class. Mental illnesses Children with some sort of mental illness would tend to be more prone to behavioral problems in class. Studies reveal that most cases of mental illnesses start at the age of 14 or below, thereby making the child more vulnerable to the symptoms, which can literally interfere with his/her entire life.

This could result in a lifetime of struggle if not handled in time. Acute illnesses Illnesses like ear infections, flu or strep throat can cause behavioral problems in class. For instance, a kid suffering from an ear infection would have trouble concentrating in class until the infection is completely cured, which at times, may take up to two weeks or more. As such, it is imperative to get these kinds of illnesses treated right away in order to prevent the child from facing behavioral issues.


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