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Hijab And Turban Styles: Hijab Tips You Should Know!

Hijab even without being told is symbolical to women of the Islamic faith. It’s an “accessory” I should say that is wrapped from the head to the neck region of the body. The hijab can be in form of turbans too and is quite becoming a piece that non-Islamic women are appreciating.

Without much ado about hijabs, I particularly love what hijab fashion bloggers are doing with this trend. Here are few tips & tricks to looking good in a stylish hijab.

  1. There are factors that determine the type of fabric you should use on your head. Factors like weather, type of hair etc. For a sunny weather, it’s best to use silk or a light weight fabric.
  2. Hijabs should complement your outfits. Don’t just pick an hijab for the sake of picking. Let it blend with your outfit as well. Make it stylish and beautifully wrapped on your head.
  3. Try different fabrics from silk to prints, cotton to velvet etc. Go for loud colours when necessary but make sure it’s done modestly.
  4. If you have noticed, the longer the hijab, the better it’s well wrapped on the head and also long hijabs help in making different styles.


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