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How to Date on a Low Budget

Well, we know in this generation, that might be quite a stretch but really why should it cost an arm and a leg to spend time with the one you love or even to get to know someone.  I’m tempted to say if you ask me, na who I go ask?

So, we poked about and actually did some asking around and got some really cool ideas for low budget dates, hope this makes

A ferry /canoe/boat ride is an ultimate date for those who want a change of scenery with the sun warming your skin and breezes flowing. There’s nothing as beautiful and calming as a stretch of water and of course your Boo to share it with.

1. Indoor Spa

Create your own spa by drawing a bubble bath, lighting a few candles, and take turns giving each other massages. Bonus: You’re both relaxed and enjoying an intimate time together.

2. Karaoke times

Karaoke (one of my favorite activities)is a bucket load of fun, whether you can rival Mariah Carey or you can’t even hold a note to save your life. Pick duets or rap songs for an extra hilarious time.

3.  Favorite Activities

Try out some or each other’s favorite activities. Show him how to apply some makeup just for fun and let him teach you how to play FIFA ’17.

4. Strategic Cooking

Save money on eating out at fancy restaurants or ordering expensive takeout. Pick a night to prepare each other’s favorite meal, a skill that will likely come in handy for future special occasions. Like, any night ever.

5. Eat Big

For a feast on a budget, go on a double or triple date with friends, order as much and split the bill. Bonus: You get to eat a bit of everything without paying for the entire spread.  Sneaky, no?

6. Hit the Beach

You + the Bf/GF + the sun + the ocean. Need we say more?

7. Game night

Plan a date night at home with board games or card games, it could even a double date, (sometimes the more the merrier). Avoid the rains and enjoy a night cuddling indoors.

8. Eat Out

Picnicking in the park is an adorable and inexpensive classic. We’re just excited to dress for the occasion, pack a basket and head to one of the parks.



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