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That ONE Tip you Need to Keep Makeup in Place all Day!

Long lasting makeup is desirable but a lot of people struggle to keep it in place for hours on end.

Make-up for oily skin especially can be quite tricky as it takes a lot of skill to get it to stay on and flawless at the same time last all day.

While some will argue that a primer works best which should be the first thing to go on the facial skin before makeup application, not all primer gives that result and  let’s face it using a super expensive primer all day everyday under a makeup look is wasteful when there is a way to achieve a long lasting result without breaking the bank!

It’s important though to ensure long lasting and water based makeup products are used  everyday to achieve a flattering coverage that will last all day. So to ensure makeup last all day use Translucent powder (or plain old white powder)!

Translucent powder

To achieve a long lasting makeup look, follow the steps:

  1. Dust white/translucent powder lightly all over the face (especially areas where you tend to get oilier i.e the T-zone)
  2. Go on with primer or not and let sit
  3. Applying makeup in the normal steps as you would
  4. After applying foundation, dust on translucent/white powder all over the face again lightly and let sit
  5. Bake and set undereye area and dust off excess powder
  6. Continue with the rest of your makeup.
Kehinde Smith

Setting the face and foundation with white/translucent powder helps makeup stay on for longer and all you need do through the day is gently dab on the face if there’s need to! It works!


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