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3 Foods to Use as Facial Products for a Youthful Skin

Facial products that work for the skin help to keep it in great shape but they should be used with expert guide (you also can decide to keep using products that have been used/tried and tested by you that work great on the skin) but natural chemical-free products trump those and give the skin all the benefits desired without any fear of side effects.

These foods founds in pantry and at little or no cost should be used on skin often for soft, glowing and baby smooth texture.

When preparing home made facial masks, cleansers or exfoliators, ensure you add these natural ingredients; they benefit the skin immensely.

1) Lemon juice

Lemon juice are great for brightening the skin. They serve as astringents and helps tones the facial skin. The trick to ensuring lemon juice works on the skin is to stay out of the sun whenever it’s used topically so as not to burn the skin giving an adverse reaction.

Use fresh lemon that come without preservatives to achieve the desired effect. This can be used weekly, monthly or bi-monthly or as desired to tackle blemishes.

2) Honey

Honey is a brilliant emollient, the skin benefits from its anti-oxidants that keep the skin supple and baby soft. Honey slows down aging on the skin to give a youthful feel while intensely moisturizing and maintaining its glow. It also softens the skin and reduces inflammation.

3) Egg whites

Egg whites are great food as skin products. They are used to clean the pores, lifting dirts and grimes to reveal a brighter and visibly smooth skin. They are used well as deep cleansing masks.

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