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Bossman Organises a Webinar for Entrepreneurs Interested in Agrobusiness 


Let’s talk Agriculture!

In this first ever edition of Bossman Webinar hosted by Entrepreneurship blog Bossman and successful agrobusiness owner Onyeka Akumah, the CEO and Co-founder of FarmCrowdy, the webinar focuses on starting, building and growing the agriculture sector of the economy.

Since food is both important for physical and mental well being, the importance of food in life is huge. Agriculture is a big provider of that part of human need. This sector, unlike others will always stand forever regardless of the competition or even recession.

This webinar will cover all the necessary angles and clear your doubts about joining the agriculture business. Who better to enlighten you than one of pros of agrobusiness whose successful business is a testimony to the many wonders of agrobusiness.

Don’t be among the people who are still ignorant of the plethora of money making opportunities available in Agriculture and farming in Nigeria. While some may want to own a farm and make money but don’t know how, others have the funds to invest and need a platform that they can trust.

Be an opportunist entrepreneur and find out how to start and build a successful business like Onyeka has done and learn the secrets of making money from Agriculture in Nigeria.

The Webinar starts at 6pm on Saturday, 26th August 2017.

Don’t miss this life changing and inspiring one-hour session with Oyenka.

Register now!
For more information, visit Bossman.

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