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Some Essentials in Your Makeup Purse

Primer and moisturizer

Great skincare begins with great makeup. The primer and moisturizer will ensure a flawless base that keeps makeup in place all day. A scattered and unblended foundation/powder on a lady’s face is quite unpleasant. A primer is  a must have  as it helps your makeup last longer.

Concealer and foundation

Yes, foundation accentuates your skin, but it also helps your skin blend in any colour and  with the right tone which would rhyme with your exact skin colour, your face would look absolutely flawless and beautiful. Apply in such a way that no one will be able to tell where your skin ends and the makeup begins.


This is very necessary and  recommended . It would not just blend any harsh lines but also make your face bright.

Eye pencil or eye pomade

Either  is  essential  for a makeover as there’s no makeover if the brows are not  well concealed. For most makeup kits, there are particular colours/tones for every skin colour. The colour of eye pencil that a black person  requires  is a little darker than that of a light skinned person’s. So also are the foundation, concealer, powder etc. It’s  terrible to tattoo your  eye brow.

Mascara and eyeliner

It’s  unnecessary to constantly fix your eye lashes as it  would make you  look weird . Mascara and eyeliner are your best bet as they  make your eyes look more natural.

Nude and exotic red lipstick

No kit is complete without these two exotic and cool lipstick colours. They’re  flattering and versatile enough to keep you covered from the office to the dance floor.

A brush set

Every brush has its function and with the right application, your makeup would turn out just right. For instance ,  if you want to shape your brows, you would need an angle brush and a blending brush but not a foundation brush or blush brush. (Sun News)

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