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10 Nollywood Actors Who Nailed Roles as Gangsters

From “Slow Country,” “Silent Night,” “Amadas” to “More Than a Woman,” Nollywood has had a handful of action movies and actors.

Pulse Movies has put together 10 actors, who, overflowing with the right attitude, delivered noteworthy performances as gangsters.

Check them out;

1. RMD



Richard Mofe Damijo’s acting prowess isn’t limited to romantic dramas.

As an action hero in movies like “To Rise Again,” “Oloibiri”, “Darkest Night” and “Amadas”, RMD is perfect, believable, violent and cruel.

Let’s not forget his magnetic screen presence.

2. Saint Obi

RMD and Saint Obi in "Amadaz"
RMD and Saint Obi in “Amadaz”


Swag with real vigour, Saint Obi in his acting days was unquestionably badass.

With movies like “State of Emergency” and“More than a Woman” and his on-screen intensity, Saint Obi created a likeable action hero.

3. Stephenie Linus

As Tricia in the 2004 Nollywood movie “More Than a Woman,” Linus became the template for an action heroine in Nollywood.

Unfortunately, viewers didn’t get to see more of her pulling stunts and being a kick-ass action star.

4. Hanks Anuku

The land is greener on the other side for Hanks
The land is greener on the other side for Hanks


With his menacing look and manner of speech, Anuku can pull off any gangster role. In his acting days, he brought on so much ferocity and brutality.

Little wonder we think he will be perfect as the Night King in a Nollywood version of “Game of Thrones.”

5. Sambasa Nzeribe

Sambasa Nzeribe is transformed for his new role in "Tatu"
Sambasa Nzeribe is transformed for his new role in “Tatu”


The youngest on the list, Nzeribe has delivered mesmeric and bone-deep performances with a ferocity that reveals the depth of his acting skills, especially in action movies.

His roles in “A Mile from Home” and “Slow Country” have earned him two Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

6. Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze
Segun Arinze


From “Silent Night” to “Darkest Night,”Segun Arinze is unarguably badass on screen.

With a dangerous cult-like leader attitude and large eyes that can frighten anyone, the veteran created a memorable villain, Black Arrow.

7. Gentle Jack

Gentle Jack on the set of Spider The Village Warrior
Gentle Jack on the set of Spider The Village Warrior  (Nollywood Mindspace)

Gentle Jack has the physicality for action roles; bulging muscles and intimidating facial expressions.

From “Vuga,” “Azima”  to “Darkest Night,”Gentle Jack prove himself to be a reliable action star.

8. J.T Tom West

J.T. Tom West
J. T. Tom West  (Naija Rules )


An actor who always delivered, J.T Tom West was an action hero legend. He was gone to soon, a tragedy that occurred right at the prime of his career.

Thankfully, there are still lots of movies that buried the actor in households and subconscious of millions of Nigerians.

They include, “The Captor,” “The Price,” “Last Weekend,” “She Devil,” “Gangster Paradise,” among others.

9. Sam Dede

Issakaba poster
Issakaba poster


As the leader of a vigilante group in “Issakaba,”  Sam Dede was ferocious, clever, tough, charismatic and believable.

His other remarkable gangster brilliance can be seen in “War Front,” “Die Another Day” among others.

10. Chidi Mokeme

We got to see Mokeme show off his agility and action skills in movies like “Back Drop,” “His Majesty” and recently, “76.”

With a physical look and a talent that goes with it, Mokeme could easily play an action hero or villain. His performances in these movies were believable and noteworthy.

Which of these actors is your favourite?

What do you think?

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