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How to Treat Dry and Frizzy Hair

If your hair feels coarse, dry and generally looks damaged, relook your haircare routine to ensure you’re taking proper care of it…

1. Shampoos for dry hair should be creamy and low-foaming. Look for shampoos that are free from sodium laureth- and sodium laurel sulphate. Those are foaming agents that can be too drying on already dry and damaged hair and scalps.

2. Try co-washing if your hair is exceptionally coarse and dry. This is a method where you cleanse your hair with conditioner (or a highly conditioning shampoo) only.

3. Apply oil to your hair daily to combat moisture loss and damaged caused by styling tools and the elements. Use plant oils as far as possible to prevent product build-up, which can lead to further dryness in the long term. (All4Women)


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