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Want to Look Youthful? Then Don’t Forget Your Décolletage!

As most of us women start to get older, we start to pay more attention to our skin by coming up with a skincare regimen and investing in products to keep us looking younger for longer. Most of the attention is geared towards our faces, but our décolletage – or the chest area – can be one of the first places where the early signs of ageing start to show.

This is also a zone that many people neglect until it’s too late. Here are ways that you can show your décolletage some love so that it will stay looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

Apply SPF

As we all know by now, wearing SPF daily is crucial when it comes to delaying the signs of ageing. Applying sunscreen daily should be prioritised as part of your skincare routine, and your chest should get a liberal layer as well. A foundation with SPF is not enough – invest in sunscreen with the highest protection factor to prevent ageing on the delicate skin on your chest.

Sleep smart

Ever heard of ‘sleep wrinkles’? Unfortunately they are real and can affect the chests of women who do most of their sleeping on their side. This is because of the sagging caused by gravity. Training yourself to sleep on your back by creating a wall of cushions or pillows on either side of you can help to prevent you from rolling over during the night.

Clean thoroughly

A lot of people do not clean this area properly, and this can lead to buildup that weighs down and discolours the skin. Standing under the shower is not enough – invest in a brush or electronic cleaning device so that you can give your décolletage a deep clean to remove dirt and to exfoliate and unblock pores. This area should be treated just as you would treat your face.

Upgrade your products

Think that using your regular old body lotion is enough to keep the skin on your chest looking firm and fabulous? Think again. Skincare doesn’t stop at the neck, and to stop this area from ageing prematurely you need to either invest in a cream that is formulated specifically for this area or, at the very least, extend the same products you use on your face downwards.

Tone as you go

While you are applying your products is also a great time to do some stretches that can help to keep the neck and chest area toned. When you are rubbing in cream, tilt your head back, relax your upper body, and open and close your jaw with your mouth tensed. This helps to strengthen the cords in your neck and keeps your skin more supple.

PHOTO: iStock/macniak

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