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“I trusted you as a brother Your betrayal is alarming” – Ray Hushpuppi Responds to Mompha

Ray Hushpuppi has  rreplied to Mompha after the latter called him out in an Instagram post and revealing deep secrets.

Mompha had called out Hushpuppi for living a fake life on Instagram, how he begs for money and spends it all on Gucci and luxury items.

He also went on to reveal that Hushpuppi’s father is a Taxi driver and his mom sells bread.

Excerpt from Mompha’s rant reads; “You almost sent me to jail by using my personal account for your frauds. People on social media don’t know you the most ingrate in this world.. living fake life by posting people stuffs and receipts on social media just to gain likes and comments and popularity, Try go help your taxi driver father and your bread seller mama and stop living fake life on social media. No house no car no investment only begging for money from people and borrowing money.”

See Ray Huspuppi’s reply below;

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