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3 Morning Routines That Make You Shed Some Weight

Most of us have gone through the stress of trying to lose weight, but instead, those kilos just sit there. It can be so frustrating. Perhaps, you have reduced the portion size of your meal and stopped eating junk foods, yet the results are the same.

It’s about time you pay attention to something you’re over-looking-your mornings. How do you start your day? Try this good morning habits to help you take some weight off. (Eskimi)

1.    Avoid skipping breakfast: you’ve probably heard that before but now there’s research to back it up. Research conducted by Tel Aviv University discovered that people who were on a low-calorie diet and had a balanced breakfast containing lean protein, carbohydrates and something sweet were less likely to be hungry. They also had fewer cravings compared to those who ate a low carbohydrate breakfast.

The researchers recommended satisfying your cravings in the morning to prevent you from feeling deprived throughout the day and manage your weight.

2.    Too much sleep: so you know that lack of sleep can lead to weight loss due to the increase in the cortisol hormone (the hormone that regulates appetite). On the other hand, too much sleep might not be good for you if you’re serious about losing weight. According to a recent study, sleeping for more than 10 hours a night could increase the risk of having a higher BMI ( body mass index) as against sleeping for 7-9 hours at night. This simply means sleeping for 7-9 hours at night will prevent you from gaining extra weight.

3.    Failing to get on the scale: researchers at Cornell University monitored 162 over-weight men and women for two years and found out that those who checked and observed their weights daily were more successful in losing weight. They also discovered that the best time to check your weight is in the early hours of the morning when the body weight is low. This would give you accurate measurement because your water weight at this time would be less.

It’s also easier to make adjustments if the number you see is higher than you anticipated.

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