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“Perliks Pictures” Another Great Celebrity Photographer to Look Out for in 2018

The continuous rise of photographers in Nigeria has brought a new light to the profession. A profession that was only needed for events and personal photos has evolved into this big industry with different branches and uses. Of course the invention of new technologies also played a role in pushing this industry to the next level.

In a world where your physical appearance is very important, Razaq Babalola also known as Perliks Pictures has helped redefine the multimedia industry. He is known for his talented hands that blend creativity, art and aestheticism to bring beauty and life in pictures. Perliks is a phenomenal photographer who always tells a story with his pictures. His style is very unique, it’s an infusion of crazy and creativity which he calls “Crazytivity”. What makes him different from others is his ability to blend his “crazytivity” to bring out a beautiful picture that tells a beautiful story.

He has photographed many celebrities, models, covered events and worked with fashion designers, celebrity photographers and directors like HG2 Films, Osbalt Photography and others.

See his photos below:

Perliks shot it || @dadaboyehiz @davidoofficial

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G O O D – M O R N I N G "TINNY ENTERTAINMENT" Camera on : @iam_ycee cc @tinnyentafrica

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