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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Periods

It is the time of the month that every female dreads arriving because of the pain, discomfort and weird cravings but there are things you probably didn’t know about periods.

Whether it is dealing with cramps or wondering why your period has not arrived this month, presents a few things you may not know about periods.

1. Being on your period actually heightens your craving for sex

Being on your period makes you crave sex.
Being on your period makes you crave sex.  (Female Health)

According to most people, the hormone progesterone is said to somehow lower a woman’s libido. But actually, women on their periods produce less progesterone, which makes them likelier to crave sex during this phase.

2. It is perfectly okay to miss your period when you are not pregnant

Just because you missed your period doesn't mean you are pregnant.
Just because you missed your period doesn’t mean you are pregnant.  (The Plab)

The absence of periods is called amenorrhea which can be caused by physiological reasons like stress or hormones. Also, cases of extreme physical pressure like a new strenuous workout routine or too much physical stress can cause it also. If you don’t get your period for more than three months at a time, you should have this checked out by a doctor.

3. Actually, it isn’t just blood that you are losing

There is a layer of the uterus that is shed every 28 days or so, along with some blood vessels, which is why some people’s periods can be messy.

4. Sugar cravings are much mean more than just PMS

Sugar cravings are much mean more than just PMS.
Sugar cravings are much mean more than just PMS.  (Food Manufacture)

Sugar cravings can be a subtle sign that you are low on progesterone. Progesterone helps to regulate blood sugars. This can easily be corrected with supplementation recommended by your doctor.

5. The sugar-cramp myth is actually true

The sugar-cramp myth is actually true.
The sugar-cramp myth is actually true.  (The Health Site)

While a tolerable amount of cramps is perfectly not, extremely painful cramps are not. It usually means that there is something else going on like you have consumed too much sugar which causes an inflammatory response.

6. Your weight has an effect on your period

Most women do not know that when their body fat drops below 8-12% their period may most likely stop. This is because fat cells contribute to one-third of the estrogen levels in a woman, and without this estrogen, the body stops menstruating.

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