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Benefits of Water Fasting

There are lots of health benefits to be derived when you go for 3-7 days without taking meals but just plain H2O. Water fasting tops the list as one of the most effective technique to follow in reset the immune system and detoxing the entire body system.

Every single moment we spend it breathing in contaminated air, eating fatty greasy foods and all these things have a negative side effect on your immune system and metabolism, with the water fast for 3 days the immune system gets a tremendous boost and then can be on its best in restoring optimum health.

Here are some amazing benefits of water fasting.

Weight loss

Water fasting is considered to be the most effective method of losing weight. Substituting regular meals for water enables the body to lose some pounds and also flush out fatty substances out of the body.

Insulin sensitivity

Insulin levels get increased considerably with this water fast since during this period blood sugar levels are stable.

It heals the body system

During the period of the water fast an individual consumes zero calories and in the absence of our regular calorie intake body tissues are revived, healing, repair and then recovery take place in the body.

Treats digestive disorders

Digestive issues the likes of constipation, gas, unsettled bowels, diarrhea, dyspepsia and even lack of appetite is revived when an individual goes on a water fast.

Asides from alleviating digestive issues it also reduces blood pressure, cancer cell proliferation, stress, aging, stress levels, etc.

Source: Eskimi

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