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6 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts also known as yellow nuts edge or tiger nuts edge have been used for many centuries and remain extremely popular all over the western hemisphere. They are very healthy, they help to prevent hearth attacks, thrombosis and activate blood circulation in the body. They are not nuts but they are tubers that grow under the soil’s surface. Here are 6 health benefits if tiger nuts.

6 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

1. It protects against cardiovascular diseases

Tiger nuts contains vitamin E which act as a catchall reference for different fat-soluble compounds that are rich in antioxidant qualities, these are present in tiger nut milk and tiger nut flour.

2. It helps against bacterial infection

One of the health benefits of tiger nuts is that it helps to fight against bacteria in the body. They can also be used to fight bacterial infection such as E.coli and Salmonella.

It is also useful in fighting bacterial infection such as Streptococcus.

3. Regulate blood pressure

Tiger nut is rich in potassium which is very useful when it comes to lowering the blood pressure. It also contains magnesium that also helps regulate the heartbeat and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

4. It helps in digestion

Tiger nuts were used to treat stomach upsets, irritable bowels, and other digestive issues back in the olden days.

They have also been used in folk medicine as a remedy for many ailments, including flatulence and diarrhea. And the enzymes, such as amylase, lipase, and catalase that are contained in it, help aid digestion.

5. It cures erectile dysfunction

These nut have been shown to be very effective in improving the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Although there is no medical evidence to support this claim, natives of Ghana have been using this traditional medicine for decades in the form of palliative for treating ED.

6. It controls Diabetes

Tiger nut have high insoluble dietary fiber present in tiger nut flour that regulates blood sugar levels and helps the diabetic patients remain healthy.

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